Saturn Direct 2023: What to Expect for Every Zodiac Sign

[ad_1] Do you know what the Saturn direct 2023 transit has in store for you? Depending on your zodiac sign, this post-retrograde time could be revealing and important. But what is significant about Saturn in general, and what does it mean when this planet of responsibility goes direct, particularly in the mutable, watery sign of … Weiterlesen

Sun Opposition Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Zodiac Chart

[ad_1] Aspects are angles that form between planets, luminaries, asteroids, and other elements on any astrology chart. An opposition is one of 5 major aspects. A Sun opposition means that the Sun is one of the two astrological bodies involved in the aspect being discussed. The other major aspects are: What Is an Opposition in … Weiterlesen

Knights of the Zodiac Live-Action Movie Sets Netflix US Release Date

[ad_1] Picture: Sony Pictures Releasing International The live-action Knights of the Zodiac movie is coming to Netflix in the United States at the tail end of October 2023, What’s on Netflix has learned. It’ll mark the movie’s SVOD premiere following its theatrical release earlier in the year. Set to arrive on Netflix on October 26th, … Weiterlesen