Netflix ‚Avatar: The Last Airbender‘: Cast List & Where You’ve Seen Them Before

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Picture: Nickelodeon One of our most anticipated Netflix Original series on the horizon is Avatar: The Last Airbender and it has a huge cast of both new and known talents. Here’s the latest cast list for the upcoming Netflix series. While we touch on the cast list of Netflix’s upcoming … Weiterlesen

Netflix’s ‚The Sandman‘ Cast List And Where You’ve Seen Them Before

Neil Gaiman’s groundbreaking graphic novel, The Sandman, has gone over 30 years without receiving an on-screen adaptation. But that’s all about to change. In August, Netflix will premiere their hugely anticipated live-action adaptation. Sandman is packed with superstars. Let’s go through the main cast list, and we’ll point out where you may have seen some … Weiterlesen