The Gatlinburg Bears Are at It Again, This Time Swimming in Downtown Gatlinburg

Black bears are the iconic symbol of The Great Smoky Mountains and are a common sight around Gatlinburg. This part of Tennessee is blessed with more than its fair share of bears! In fact, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a huge and protected area where black bears can live free in their wild … Weiterlesen

The 10 Best Lakes In Massachusetts: Boating, Camping, Swimming, and More!

Massachusetts is home to many wonderful lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. The state’s bodies of water vary in size, history, depth, and purpose greatly. From the massive Quabbin Reservoir to the quaint Great Herring Pond all of the state’s lakes offer something different. Horseback riding near Assawompset Pond is a prime destination. Birdwatchers can set their … Weiterlesen

The 10 Best Delaware Lakes: Incredible Swimming, Fishing, Haunted Lakes, and More!

Delaware holds over thirty freshwater lakes and ponds that are open for fishing and other outdoor recreational activities. There’s only one natural lake in Delaware. This ranks the state second (tied with Texas) to only Maryland for having the fewest lakes out of all states in the US. Various types of lakes exist in Delaware; … Weiterlesen

The 11 Best Colorado Lakes: Fishing, Swimming, Camping, and even Ice Skating!

Colorado is a very beautiful state. The mountains and skyline look like a Bob Ross painting. The state is full of large and small lakes. Almost all of the lakes offer terrific fishing and camping. Some of the lakes sit on top of plateaus. Other lakes sit high in the Colorado mountains and are only … Weiterlesen

The 10 Best Michigan Lakes for Fishing, Swimming, Beaches, and More!

The state of Michigan is home to some of the most amazing and massive lakes in the entire world. The Great Lakes were carved millions of years ago and have been forming and evolving ever since. Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes and has many other fascinating bodies of water. Lake Superior is the … Weiterlesen