27 Locations With Mind Expanding Landscapes in the United States

[ad_1] The Wave is a canyon rock formation in Arizona and a natural wonder in the U.S. ©Katrina Brown/Shutterstock.com You do not have to travel outside the country to see spectacular landscapes and scenery. Many locations with mind-expanding landscapes in the U.S. are waiting for you to discover them. Every state in the United States … Weiterlesen

Discover the Highest Point in Each of 50 U.S. States

[ad_1] The United States is a vast country with landscapes that range from deserts to old-growth forests, and this variety is reflected in each state’s tallest summit. Some are easily accessible by car, while others are at the end of long and challenging hikes. Keep reading to discover the highest point in each of the … Weiterlesen

The Longest Zipline in the United States Zooms You an Absurd 1-Mile Long

[ad_1] Ziplines are a lot of fun to ride down. It’s a thrilling adventure for the right person. You can zipline over lush forests, gorgeous rivers, thick swamps, and lovely waterfalls. If you love ziplining, you might want to check out the longest zipline in the United States. This exciting zipline is one-of-a-kind. Can you guess … Weiterlesen

The Top 26 Loudest Stadiums in the United States

[ad_1] Even with how amazing the picture quality is on television, there’s nothing like going to a live sporting event. Food and drinks taste a little sweeter when taking in a game. Turning around and high-fiving everyone in a loud stadium after a big play makes it more exciting. This energy is something you can … Weiterlesen

Discover the 17 States in the Eastern Time Zone

[ad_1] The Eastern Time Zone is one of the heaviest-duty time zones that the United States, and perhaps the world, has to offer. This is because much of the population, governmental, and financial infrastructure of the country lies within this time zone. The Eastern Time Zone is one of the four major time zones in … Weiterlesen

10 Most Stunning Mountain Ranges in The United States

[ad_1] There are a large number of mountain ranges in the United States. The tallest mountains in the United States are in Alaska. But the lower 48 states also have some stunning mountain ranges. Serious mountain climbers who want to tackle the massive mountains in Alaska get their start on the mountain ranges in the … Weiterlesen

Every State’s Signature Dishes—Ranked — Eat This Not That

[ad_1] Part of the fun that comes with traveling is enjoying the local cuisine. And that’s true even if you’re staying within the United States—every state has those specialty foods, after all. You know, the foods that happen to taste just that much better because you’re in a specific state. (If you’ve ever had a … Weiterlesen