The Oldest Movies and TV Shows on Netflix (And Why There Isn’t More)

Pictures: Various Distributors Most of the library on Netflix US now consists of Netflix Originals which means that they’ve all been produced over the past decade. That leaves only a limited number of titles from the 20th century. So what are the oldest movies and TV shows on Netflix? Let’s find out. Netflix released its … Weiterlesen

Discover the 5 Oldest Civilizations in the World

Much of today’s technology originated from civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. Countless civilizations have emerged, dominated the world, and disappeared, leaving a mark on history. While some of these civilizations left behind monuments such as the Pyramids of Egypt that prove their existence, others disappeared and left behind ruins and relics that archaeologists later … Weiterlesen

The 10 Oldest Languages in the World

It is difficult to pinpoint the precise number of languages today, but anthropologists put it at approximately 7000.  Only about 200 of these languages are spoken by more than one million people, meaning less than 100,000 people speak many of the languages in existence.    Dementsprechend, a significant number of the languages spoken today are a … Weiterlesen

Discover the 10 Oldest Countries in the World

While some might believe that the oldest countries in the world are immense multinational powers that remain prominent today, this assumption is false. In fact, it is likely that most people would be surprised to learn which countries were founded first. Although some still hold influential political and world power, others have been diminished by … Weiterlesen

Discover the 10 Oldest Religions in the World

Introduction Religion is one of the most important aspects of world culture. It shapes identities, customs, class systems, and even the political sphere of many modern countries. Understanding religion, though, means going back in time and discovering its origin. While some of the world’s oldest religions began in the 15th century, others date back over … Weiterlesen

How Old Is The World’s Oldest Great Dane?

Beloved by dog owners the world over, the Great Dane is famous for its large size, unique build, and gentle demeanor. Unfortunately, its physical characteristics are accompanied by quite a few health issues that don’t affect many smaller dogs. The unfortunate result is that these gentle giants have an average lifespan of about seven years. … Weiterlesen