The World’s Longest Pier Stretches a Ridiculous 4-Miles Out Into the Ocean

[ad_1] In a world where records abound, Mexico knows how to set them very well. They have hundreds of Guinness Book of World Records. From baking the longest bread line to having the tallest calavera catrina, Mexico just loves breaking records time after time. One of the records Mexico clinched was having the world’s longest … Weiterlesen

The Longest Zipline in the United States Zooms You an Absurd 1-Mile Long

[ad_1] Ziplines are a lot of fun to ride down. It’s a thrilling adventure for the right person. You can zipline over lush forests, gorgeous rivers, thick swamps, and lovely waterfalls. If you love ziplining, you might want to check out the longest zipline in the United States. This exciting zipline is one-of-a-kind. Can you guess … Weiterlesen