Best Balance Transfer and 0% APR Credit Cards for June 2022

[ad_1] Transferring a balance from a high-interest card to one with an introductory APR can be a great way to temporarily prevent interest charges and to give you more flexibility to tackle your debts. As the Fed continues to raise rates to combat inflation, regular credit card APRs are also going up. That means any balances … Weiterlesen

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in June 2022?

[ad_1] Insurance carriers vary their prices from person to person, depending on an analysis of risk factors. And that’s no different with car insurance. Factors include age, gender, where you live and driving history, to name a few. This makes it tough to estimate your individual auto insurance quote. But there are some general rules of … Weiterlesen

Fed Hikes Push APYs Higher: Best Savings Accounts for June 2022

[ad_1] After years of moribund rates, savings accounts are finally providing decent interest. The Fed’s interest rate hikes to counter inflation have filtered down to consumer accounts, as many retail banks, online banks and „neobanks“ have gradually increased their annual percentage yields (or APYs) on their highest-performing savings accounts. While they used to top the charts, rates … Weiterlesen

Best Debt Consolidation Loans for June 2022

[ad_1] If you have existing credit card, medical or other personal debt, keeping track of payments and getting hit with high-interest charges can feel overwhelming. To help, consider consolidating your debt into a new, lower interest loan. And with the Federal Reserve expected to raise interest rates several more times this year, locking in a … Weiterlesen

58 Brand New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Releases for June

[ad_1] We All Fall DownImage: Farrar, Straus and Giroux If you’ve got a yearning to add a few more monsters, space explorers, magically gifted teens, supernatural detectives, alien translators, superheroes, cosplayers, and mages on missions to your summer reading list, look no further: io9 has got you covered with a giant avalanche of shiny new … Weiterlesen

Best Credit Cards for Fair and Average Credit for June 2022

[ad_1] Your credit rating makes a big difference when you’re applying for a new credit card. Good or excellent credit can lead to a higher credit limit, bigger rewards and better perks and benefits. If your credit is fair — generally defined as a FICO score between 580 and 670 — but not great, you … Weiterlesen

Best Travel Credit Cards for June 2022

[ad_1] The best travel credit cards not only provide strong rewards for spending at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants or other common categories — they’ll also give you travel perks that can transform your trips from dull to deluxe. While most travel cards will charge an annual fee, that cost is usually offset by the welcome … Weiterlesen

Best Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fees for June 2022

[ad_1] Credit cards make travel much easier — and possibly much more rewarding if you pick the right travel credit card for you. First and foremost, credit cards make payment in foreign countries a breeze. There’s no need to convert currency at a bank when your credit card will do it for you instantly at … Weiterlesen