Discover the 5 Oldest Civilizations in the World

Much of today’s technology originated from civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. Countless civilizations have emerged, dominated the world, and disappeared, leaving a mark on history. While some of these civilizations left behind monuments such as the Pyramids of Egypt that prove their existence, others disappeared and left behind ruins and relics that archaeologists later … Weiterlesen

Discover 12 Dangerous Animals That Are Considered “Man-Eaters”

Man-eaters are animals with the behavior of preying on humans. It doesn’t include incidentally eating a human that it killed in self-defense, desperate hunger, a single attack, or scavenging corpses. But all four cases may lead to animals eating human flesh and foster man-eating behavior. Although many animals can attack humans, man-eaters regard human flesh … Weiterlesen

Discover the 10 Oldest Countries in the World

While some might believe that the oldest countries in the world are immense global powers that remain prominent today, this assumption is false. In fact, it is likely that most people would be surprised to learn which countries were founded first. Although some still hold influential political and world power, others have been diminished by … Weiterlesen

Discover the 10 Oldest Religions in the World

Introduction Religion is one of the most important aspects of world culture. It shapes identities, customs, class systems, and even the political sphere of many modern countries. Understanding religion, though, means going back in time and discovering its origin. While some of the world’s oldest religions began in the 15th century, others date back over … Weiterlesen

Discover the Highest Point in Wyoming

Wyoming is the least populated state in the United States. It’s also home to some incredible peaks, including the Teton Range and the Wind River Mountain Range. Wyoming is a land of incredible vistas, shaded lakes, and great, flowing rivers. It’s also home to grizzly bears, wolves, and bison in the west. Wyoming rests on … Weiterlesen

Discover 15 Different Animals That Can, and Have Eaten Humans

A “man-eater” is an animal that regularly attacks and devours humans. This does not include consuming a human that the animal has killed due to feeling threatened or attacked first, scavenging from a deceased person, or attacking a person out of intense hunger. However, the last two of these scenarios may condition an animal to … Weiterlesen

Discover All 18 Types of Crocodiles Found Across the World

Crocodiles are large and in charge when it comes to the food chain. These apex predators are opportunistic carnivores and eat just about anything that comes their way, although some are much more aggressive than others. Some crocodiles live in freshwater, while others prefer saltwater or brackish habitats. From the tropical regions of the Americas … Weiterlesen

Discover the Pizzly Bear – A Hybrid Between Grizzlies and Polar Bears

With climate change warming the planet, the arctic ice is melting at an alarmingly rapid rate. In fact, according to NASA, since 1979 the ice has continued to decrease every 10 years by at least 13%. This is a huge problem for Polar Bears who live and hunt primarily on the arctic ice. As these … Weiterlesen

Discover the 10 Longest-Haired Dog Breeds

Curly, silky, long, or corded. How do you like your long-haired dog breeds? There’s no doubt that long-haired dogs are nothing short of beautiful in their different coats. Their fluffy and soft coats also make them great cuddle buddies. However, beauty sometimes comes at a price. Long-haired dogs are typically known to require more grooming … Weiterlesen

Discover Every Type of Rattlesnake: The 45 Types of Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes are venomous reptiles that you should avoid as much as possible. While some species deliver less harmful bites, any rattlesnake bite can turn fatal quickly. Most rattlesnake species have several features despite their differences. They have heat-sensing organs to help them find prey, venom glands to deliver a toxic bite, and of course, a … Weiterlesen

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