Discover the 3 Countries That Border Mexico

[ad_1] The 13th-largest country in the world, Mexico, is a federal republic in North America. Mexico has a population of nearly 130 million, making it the 10th most populous country. The country is comprised of 31 states and the country’s capital — Mexico City. Mexico shares its border with three other countries — the United … Weiterlesen

Discover the 5 Countries and Regions Where Red Pandas Live

[ad_1] Red pandas may look like raccoons, foxes, cats, or bears, but the truth is that they belong to a category of their own. These unique and adorable creatures have captured the hearts of many on the internet, with some people asking where they’re able to see one in person. However, you may be surprised … Weiterlesen

Discover the 10 Oldest Countries in the World

[ad_1] While some might believe that the oldest countries in the world are immense multinational powers that remain prominent today, this assumption is false. In fact, it is likely that most people would be surprised to learn which countries were founded first. Although some still hold influential political and world power, others have been diminished … Weiterlesen