Series Not Yet Renewed or Canceled at Netflix: September 2023

[ad_1] Pictured: Sweet Magnolias, Shadow and Bone, Beef and Glamorous Netflix releases a lot of TV. In fact, they produce that a lot of companies combined, and as a result of this volume, not everything gets renewed. We often hear of cancelations, but in the case of dozens of shows, however, we’re still waiting for … Weiterlesen

Kingdom Season 3: Has Netflix Canceled or Renewed the Korean Zombie Series?

[ad_1] Kingdom – Copyright. Netflix It’s been over three years since the second season of Kingdom was released on Netflix. We were treated to a special feature-length episode in 2021, and a second was rumored to be on the way, however, for the past two years we’ve heard nothing from Netflix. So has Netflix silently … Weiterlesen

Black Summer Season 3: Has Netflix Renewed or Ghost Canceled?

[ad_1] Black Summer – Picture: Netflix / The Asylum The wait for Black Summer Season 2 took over two years following season 1, and it’s now been over two years again with no sign of a third season. Given the length of time and the lack of any news, plus the relatively poor statistics, it’s … Weiterlesen

Canceled Netflix Originals Revived Away From Netflix

[ad_1] Pictured: Tuca & Bertie, Slasher and Uncoupled Netflix revivals have been some of the biggest success stories in the Netflix library. Lucifer, Manifest, and Black Mirror have been huge shows Netflix revived or continued from other networks, but there are also plenty of instances where the roles are reversed. Here’s a complete list of … Weiterlesen

Shadow and Bone Season 3: Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled?

[ad_1] Shadow and Bone. Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov in episode 208 of Shadow and Bone. Cr. D‡vid Luk‡cs/Netflix © 2023 After a two-year hiatus, Shadow and Bone season 2 returned to Netflix in early 2023, but season 3 of Shadow and Bone is still up in the air and likely will continue to … Weiterlesen

List of Canceled Netflix Original Series in 2023 and Shows at Risk

[ad_1] Pictured: 1899, Welcome to Eden, Uncoupled, Lockwood & Co We’re now five months into 2023, and the list of canceled Netflix shows continues to grow. Below, we’ll look at all the high-profile cancelations (that have been announced anyway) as of July 2023. Cancelations are a painful part of being a Netflix subscriber. There’s nothing … Weiterlesen

‚Lockwood & Co.‘ Canceled at Netflix; Won’t Return for Season 2

[ad_1] Lockwood & Co – Picture: Netflix One of Netflix’s first significant new TV releases of 2023 was Lockwood & Co, a new supernatural teen series hailing from the United Kingdom. The show sets up a second season but won’t be getting one as it was officially announced to be canceled in May 2023. Here’s … Weiterlesen

List of Canceled Netflix Original Series in 2023 and Shows at Risk

[ad_1] Pictured: 1899 and Inside Job 2023 has kicked off with a couple of big cancelations, which signals a potentially rough year coming up, which many other players throughout Hollywood will share. Here’s a look at the 2023 cancelations and what shows we think are at risk of being axed next.  Missed any of the … Weiterlesen

Canceled Netflix Shows 2022 and Shows at Risk of Cancelation

[ad_1] Picture: The Midnight Verein, First Kill, Partner Track and Fate: The Winx Saga 2022 has seen well over 40 Netflix Urfassung series publicly canceled, and quite a few are at risk of being canceled or ghost-canceled. Here’s every canceled Netflix Urfassung series in 2022 so far. The numbers show that Netflix isn’t as cancelation … Weiterlesen

Canceled Netflix Shows 2022 and Shows at Risk of Cancelation

[ad_1] Pictured: Space Force, Resident Evil, First Kill, Archive 81 It’s never good when your favorite show gets canceled and Netflix has a growing reputation for being trigger-happy in axing shows. 2022 has seen several high-profile cancelations at Netflix, and we’re here to list them all as of October 2022. The numbers show that Netflix … Weiterlesen