Sun Opposition Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Zodiac Chart

[ad_1] Aspects are angles that form between planets, luminaries, asteroids, and other elements on any astrology chart. An opposition is one of 5 major aspects. A Sun opposition means that the Sun is one of the two astrological bodies involved in the aspect being discussed. The other major aspects are: What Is an Opposition in … Weiterlesen

Conjunctions, Sextiles, and Trines: Supportive Astrological Aspects Defined

[ad_1] In astrology, aspects occur when planets and other elements on a natal, synastry, or transit chart make angles to each other. These astrological aspects are either supportive and easy, or challenging and full of friction. It’s helpful to see challenging aspects as things to learn from, and easeful ones as places to lean into … Weiterlesen