Sun Opposition Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Zodiac Chart



Aspects are angles that form between planets, luminaries, asteroids, and other elements on any astrology chart. An opposition is one of 5 major aspects. A Sun opposition means that the Sun is one of the two astrological bodies involved in the aspect being discussed. The other major aspects are:

What Is an Opposition in Astrology?

Natal chart
This natal astrology chart shows an opposition between the Sun and Black Moon Lilith and another one between Chiron and the North Node.

©Lidiia Moor/iStock via Getty Images

An opposition occurs when two planets are 180° apart, meaning they are exactly opposite each other in the 360° chart. An opposition is exact if the two planets are exactly 180° apart. It is strong if they are less than 1° off from being 180° apart. The aspect is still considered an opposition if the two planets are within 10° of being 180° apart. However, the further the aspect is from 180°, the weaker it will be.

What Does an Opposition Mean in Your Natal Astrology Chart?

Portrait happy senior couple drinking tea on log cabin porch
Oppositions lead to lifelong tensions that you learn from as you age.

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An opposition usually presents a more challenging aspect in astrology. It represents the tension between the two bodies. It might feel like you have two sides to you or you feel pulled between two aspects or two choices. In the natal chart, this is probably a low-level, constant, lifelong inner feeling or conflict, that will lead to a lot of growth and learning over time. You may have “episodes” of the oppositional issue flaring up as other planets transit it throughout your lifetime.

What Does the Sun Mean in Astrology?

Your Sun Sign represents your ego and your core sense of self in astrology.

©Lukasz Pawel Szczepa/

The Sun is one of the most important and popular aspects of astrology. When people say “I’m a Virgo,” they mean that their sun sign is Virgo. Sun aspects are sometimes stronger than others because of the luminary’s importance in the natal chart.

In astrology, the Sun represents your essential being, your overall personality, and your motivations in life. Its placement in one of the 12 houses represents where you shine in the world. Planets that aspect the Sun positively, in a conjunction, trine, or sextile, combine their energy with your essential being, and the Sun shines light on those planets. When planets have a more challenging aspect with the sun, like in a square or opposition, you may feel like your essential being is at risk, or is being pulled in multiple directions.

Why The Natal Sun Can Only Conjunct Natal Mercury and Natal Venus

The Sun is a special luminary because certain planets cannot have certain aspects with it in the natal chart.

  • The natal Sun cannot be opposite the natal Mercury. In the natal chart, Mercury is always within two signs of the sun. The only major aspect Mercury can have with the Sun in a natal chart is a conjunction. It can not have a trine, sextile, opposition or square with the Sun. However, it can have all those aspects in a transit or synastry chart.
  • The natal Sun also cannot be opposite the natal Venus. It is also within two signs of your sun sign in the natal chart. Like Mercury, natal Venus also can not have any of the major aspects with the natal Sun except for conjunction, but it can have them in a transit or synastry chart.

Sun Opposition Aspects in Astrology

The way that any aspect in astrology shows up is up for debate, but don’t be surprised if you feel “called out.” With any astrological predictions, take what works for you and throw out the rest. There are many ways to interpret astrology and many ways any aspect or placement might manifest. Use these descriptions as a tool to learn more about yourself and a way to learn more about possible internal conflicts rather than a be-all-end-all definition of who you are.

Additionally, when you look at aspects in astrology, you also have to consider what house and sign they are happening in. That will give you information about in what area of life this conflict may appear, and how it may show up for you.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Mercury

View of Mercury From NASA 2
The aspect of the Sun opposite Mercury is not possible in a natal astrology chart.

©NASA images/

As previously mentioned, this opposition is not possible.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Venus

Planet Venus
Venus also can not be opposite the Sun in a natal astrology chart.


Natal sun opposite natal Venus is another aspect that is not possible in astrology.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Mars

Natal Mars opposite natal sun leads to a lot of anger and passion.


Having your Sun opposite your natal Mars has a bit of a Uranian vibe to it, but with that classic Mars fire and passion. You are not the kind of person who will go with the flow or settle for less than what you deserve. You will march to the beat of your own drum…even if it means cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Watch your anger, because it can get the best of you. When combined with the light of the Sun, your anger and passion can become the star of the show, leading to conflict, which of course, you do not back down from. This makes you seem abrasive to people who are afraid of conflict. That’s OK with you. You probably have a similar attitude to the phrase “I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m someone’s double shot of whiskey.”

However, as you get older, you may come to realize that there are more productive ways to deal with conflicts than going into them whole hog. Learning how to speak more diplomatically and represent yourself better can help you build more relationships and get ahead at work.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Jupiter

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system
With your natal Sun opposite your natal Jupiter, you may promise more than what you can deliver.


It’s difficult to imagine any hard aspects with abundant, positive, and expansive Jupiter, but even Jupiter has a more challenging side. When it is opposite the Sun, light gets shown on its overindulgent side. Depending on the signs and placements, there are a lot of possible manifestations. You might be overly optimistic to the point that you over-promise and under-deliver. You don’t see what you can realistically do and you end up letting people down frequently.

This can lead to mental health issues. You could be so unrealistically optimistic that when things inevitably don’t lead up to your expectations, you become downtrodden.

It’s also possible that you can be hedonistic and overindulgent when it comes to food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, or any of life’s delights. This can lead to health issues, problems with money, and issues at work. You can easily rack up tons of credit card debt and get in over your head. But, even in a challenging aspect, Jupiter’s luck seems to come through. You get in too deep, but somehow, you always land on your feet. However, there would be a lot less stress in your life if you had more balance.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Saturn

Saturn - planets of the Solar system in high quality. Science wallpaper. Elements furnished by NASA
With a natal Sun opposite natal Saturn, you’re likely quiet and shy.

©Vadim Sadovski/

With your natal Sun opposite your natal Saturn your core being is boundaried and restricted, and this is sometimes at odds with what you want to do. You are likely self-conscious and feel others are judging you, even when they aren’t. This likely stems from your own high standards for yourself and others. You are very hard on yourself, and you keep your true self under lock and key, not because it is precious to you but because you fear how others will react to your real self.

You are likely quiet and shy, and probably introverted. However, you do let a few close people into your life to see the real you. It takes a long time for you to build those intimate connections. You also do not give yourself much pleasure or believe you deserve much pleasure. As with all things Saturnian, once you pass your Saturn return, you will probably learn some lessons and these Sun opposite Saturn aspects will become a bit easier.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Uranus

If you have natal Sun opposite natal Uranus, you are an independent thinker but you probably hide it.


With a natal Sun opposite natal Uranus, you have a rebellious heart but you’re afraid to show it. You worry that showing off your innovative (and probably genius) ideas or perspectives will create instability in your life. Maybe it will put your career or friendships at risk. You may have progressive views that are different from those around you. You may hide them to preserve other relationships. As you age, you will find people who are more similar to you as you move through the world, and you will slowly learn to show your real self. However, the process of undoing your secrecy about your true beliefs may feel scary and painful for you.

This aspect can lead to a large ego. You are different and yes, that does make you special. However, everyone is special in their own way. Despite your secrecy around your beliefs, you may be of the opinion that those with different beliefs are not as smart as you. This ego can be part of the thing that hinders you from opening up to others. Not only do you fear their judgment, you also fear that they will not live up to your high expectations.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Neptune

Solar System - Neptune. It is the eighth and farthest planet from the Sun in the Solar System. It is a giant planet. Neptune has 14 known satellites. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
If your natal Sun is opposite your natal Neptune, you may have a lot of daydreams.

©NASA images/

With your natal Sun positioned opposite Neptune, you have a tendency to sabotage yourself through dreaming and escapes. In fact, your dreaming might make your sense of self misty. It’s not that you exaggerate or tell lies, you honestly just don’t remember things exactly as they happened, especially as they relate to your childhood. This can cause tension between siblings and childhood friends.

Additionally, you have boundary problems. You can easily love anyone who comes across your path. You can love them to the detriment of yourself (your Sun!) Part of your boundary issues is that it is easy for you to imagine the best parts of a relationship or friendship because you are in your head so often. When troubles come up you may turn to more harmful escapes like drugs and alcohol.

What you need in order to overcome the challenge of this opposition is to ground yourself in reality. Try a movement practice such as yoga or tai chi. Additionally, allow your full self to shine. You have a brilliance that often gets hidden because of your tendency to dream and escape.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Pluto

Pluto is the planet of power, sex, death, and transformation.


Pluto is the planet of mystery, power, sexuality, death, and anything underground. Some astrologers say it is a “higher octave” of Mars. When your natal Pluto is opposite your natal Sun, you will become distinctly aware of power struggles in your life. This can make you go one of two ways. You can become a victim and believe that everyone is out to get you, or you can become the one in power that others fear. Either way, this placement can create a struggle between those around you at work, in friendships, or in relationships depending on the placement of the Sun and Pluto in your chart.

It’s easy to get into negative thought patterns with this placement. Even when you are happy, you probably have dark thoughts and harsh judgments of other people.

On the plus side, this placement makes you a steadfast and kind of intense person. You probably hate small talk and want to get to know people deeply. This opposition also drives you to explore your inner self, because Pluto’s energy tugs on your core being. You want to know what makes you tick.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Chiron

November Month, Greek God Centaur Chiron and an Old Man,  Sagittarius Astrology
The centaur picture here is Chiron, the namesake of the asteroid of the same name in astrology.

©Christine_Kohler/iStock via Getty Images

For those with Sun opposite Chiron, the Chironic wound is even harsher than usual. Chiron represents your greatest wound in this lifetime, but it is also where you can offer healing to others. So here, your greatest wound is at odds with your core being. Your wound affects your ego whenever something triggering happens. So, you avoid these triggers at all costs, which can severely limit your life, depending on the location of your Chiron.

Chironic issues have an extra spice for you compared to the average person. You may simply feel hopeless in the area of your Chiron, but if you keep working on things, things will get better. Remember, it may hurt more when you start to work on your wounding in therapy or counseling, but eventually you will learn tools to live with your Chiron wounding.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Black Moon Lilith

Astrology Alphabet: LILITH (Black Moon), false fictive moon, apogee point of lunar orbit (empty focus). Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).
This is the symbol used in astrology for Black Moon Lilith.

©Adobest/iStock via Getty Images

When your Sun, representing your ego, is opposite your Black Moon Lilith, representing your relationship to shame and the taboo, you may struggle in a more conservative environment as a child and young adult. Once you mature enough to realize you can have whatever freedoms you want, you will let your freak flag fly. You will not let the repression of your earlier life affect you. However, this can cause rifts with family and people from earlier on in life.

You are a very sexual person, but you will not discover that aspect of yourself until later on in life. Or, you may discover it earlier, but participate only in secret.

This aspect also gives you a desire to be known for your excellence. You have high self-esteem, especially as you get older. You know better than to let others hold you back. However, your confidence is not for everyone.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Ascendant

Zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle. Astrology in the sky with many stars and moons astrology and horoscopes concept
People with the Sun opposite their Rising sign do not enjoy the spotlight.


With your natal Sun opposite your natal Ascendant (Rising Sign) you do not like to be the center of attention. You prefer to let others take center stage. This is because the way you present yourself to the world is opposite to your ego and how you shine. However, you are attracted to those who shine bright and you enjoy supporting them. You tend to get lost in your relationships with powerful or important people. You can easily become a “sidekick” personality and put your needs aside for others.

However, throughout your life, you will learn how to speak up for yourself. While you will probably always be in a supportive role because you truly enjoy it, you will learn how to get your needs met while still fulfilling your need to serve others.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal North Node

Full Hunter's Moon Cobscook Maine
The North Node represents a point where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

©Harry L/

If you have your natal Sun opposite your Natal North Node, that means you also have your natal Sun conjunct your natal South Node. With this placement, it’s hard to learn your lessons in this lifetime. It’s easy to fall into well-worn patterns encouraged by the closeness of your Sun to the South Node. You may find yourself in the same situations over and over again. It may take you a little longer than others to learn your lessons, but it is possible to do so. Step one is to learn more about the signs and houses of your North and South Nodes to see what you need to move toward in this lifetime.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal South Node

The South Node is always opposite the North Node.

©Clare McEwen/

If you have your natal Sun opposite your natal South Node, you also have your natal Sun conjunct your natal North Node. This has the opposite effect of the sun opposite North Node. This opposition makes it easy for you to move away from harmful patterns and towards your mission in this lifetime. With this placement, you feel you really know yourself but you have to be careful to stay humble and admit when you make a mistake. Don’t commit so hard to aspects of yourself that you think you know that you become inflexible. Allow yourself to truly feel what is you in order to follow your North Node path.

Natal Sun Opposite Natal Midheaven

Astrological chart. man creates a natal chart. horoscope
The Midheaven, or MC, is usually at the start of the 10th House in astrology.

©dragana991/iStock via Getty Images

With your Sun opposite your natal Midheaven, your core self is opposite from your career and public image. This is not a common placement for celebrities. If someone with this placement does become famous, it is usually only for a short period of time before they fade into obscurity, or worse, before they become infamous for something shocking. This opposition is a struggle for you. You actually want to be known for your ideas and hard work, but you hate the spotlight.

You might have some trouble in the workplace. It could make you so fed up that you want to become a homemaker or start to work for yourself. Or, you might find a totally inconsequential kind of job that you don’t care about at all and eschew any career goals that you have. You may prefer to clock in and clock out and never think about work outside of that, to avoid the difficult feelings you have about your own achievements.


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