See the Chunky Lion Who Ate So Much He Can Barely Stand Up



Have you ever eaten so much food you feel like if you moved an inch, you just might throw up? It’s not a fun feeling. Whether you decked out Thanksgiving, ate too much of that ice cream you just got, or couldn’t resist that extra service, we all know that aching feeling of having just a bit too much.

While lions can have a voracious appetite and enjoy a plethora of good prey, such as gazelles, zebra, or wildebeest, even they can eat too much. Let’s see what happens in the video just below with one of the Mapogo Lions in Africa. 

Watch This Incredible Video Shown Below!

Chunky Lion Sighting in Africa

The next YouTube video posted at the very top of this blog post takes us to the Sabi Sand landscape located in Africa. The YouTube page that shared this footage is The Mapogo Lions. This channel is famous for following six adult Mapogo lions and how they dominate the Sabi Sand landscape. Just this week, they have newly posted videos of these lions walking with their sons, eating, and relaxing. 

Male Lion Eats Too Much Food

What do lions eat - dinner time
Lions can reach up to speeds of 50 miles per hour in short bursts.

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At the start of this video posted at the top, we see Olobor, who was with another male lion named Oloshipa. They have just completed a kill and have been devouring this delicious meal. This video focuses on Olobor, who ate way too much food, and we see him struggling to get up. 

If you pause the video at zero seconds, we are able to see Olobor’s bloated stomach. He slowly starts to move and gets up as though it’s taking everything in him to stand. Once standing, we see the small steps that he is taking before he’s able to get a move on. And where we might assume Olobor is going to take a walk to shake off some of that food, he instead just goes right back to eating! Apparently, this lion doesn’t know when enough means enough. 

How Often Do Lions Eat?

Unlike humans, who eat a few times a day, not all animals eat daily. While this might seem foreign to us based on how we eat, we have to understand that animals’ bodies are built differently than ours. Lions typically only eat every three to four days

As carnivores, lions (Panthera leo) enjoy to prey on animals such as antelope, warthogs, and cattle. 

Male lions weigh up to 550 pounds and can reach over eight feet in length. Lions typically eat between 5-7 kilograms (11-15 pounds) of meat. However, they can eat more than that if they want to. And as we can see from the video above, Olobor definitely chose to eat more. 


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