Saturn Direct 2023: What to Expect for Every Zodiac Sign

[ad_1] Do you know what the Saturn direct 2023 transit has in store for you? Depending on your zodiac sign, this post-retrograde time could be revealing and important. But what is significant about Saturn in general, and what does it mean when this planet of responsibility goes direct, particularly in the mutable, watery sign of … Weiterlesen

Discover the 3 Countries That Border Mexico

[ad_1] The 13th-largest country in the world, Mexico, is a federal republic in North America. Mexico has a population of nearly 130 million, making it the 10th most populous country. The country is comprised of 31 states and the country’s capital — Mexico City. Mexico shares its border with three other countries — the United … Weiterlesen

Discover 10 Gorgeous Covered Bridges in Alabama

[ad_1] Alabama is a southern state with over 100,000 miles of streams and rivers flowing through it. As a result, people have constructed various bridges in the Yellowhammer State to travel over those obstacles. Fortunately, the builders had a flair for design, leading to some beautiful structures. Take a look at the most gorgeous, covered … Weiterlesen

27 Locations With Mind Expanding Landscapes in the United States

[ad_1] The Wave is a canyon rock formation in Arizona and a natural wonder in the U.S. ©Katrina Brown/ You do not have to travel outside the country to see spectacular landscapes and scenery. Many locations with mind-expanding landscapes in the U.S. are waiting for you to discover them. Every state in the United States … Weiterlesen

Where Does Interstate 5 Start and End?

[ad_1] In the United States, the Interstate Highway System is a series of roadways with each road passing through multiple states. These roads form a grid that allows easy vehicular access to many population centers in the United States. Interstate 5 (I-5) is the main high-speed corridor between states on the West Coast. Where does … Weiterlesen

Discover This Gorgeous Covered Bridge in Mississippi

[ad_1] Covered bridges were once a common sight across the American landscape. Today, many of those idyllic structures have been replaced with concrete and steel. Perhaps that’s why when we see one today we feel like we’re stepping back in time. Read on to discover this gorgeous covered bridge in Mississippi and learn the fascinating history of … Weiterlesen

When Rivers Change: Why is Iowa’s Carter Lake in Nebraska?

[ad_1] Rivers make great natural boundaries, but they aren’t as static as they seem. What happens when rivers change? Why is Iowa’s Carter Lake in Nebraska? Where Is the City of Carter Lake? Carter Lake is a suburb of Omaha that belongs to Iowa. ©United States Census Bureau Uploaded by Americasroof at en.wikipedia – GifTagger … Weiterlesen

The World’s Longest Pier Stretches a Ridiculous 4-Miles Out Into the Ocean

[ad_1] In a world where records abound, Mexico knows how to set them very well. They have hundreds of Guinness Book of World Records. From baking the longest bread line to having the tallest calavera catrina, Mexico just loves breaking records time after time. One of the records Mexico clinched was having the world’s longest … Weiterlesen

Why is Amsterdam Called The Venice of the North? (Plus Other Names The City Could Go By)

[ad_1] Cities around the world have nicknames. New York City is the “Big Apple” or the “City That Never Sleeps.” Paris is known as the “City of Light.” These nicknames are earned because of the city’s reputation over the years or because people want to advertise their city. For example, San Diego is nicknamed “America’s … Weiterlesen